did you see it coming?

Events move through the financial system through a web of complex interconnections. Impact can be difficult to trace.

/ Supply chain problems can wreak havoc across customers and their customers.

/ Financial and legal issues can have significant impact on subsidiaries and related companies.

/ Reputational damage can easily spread across a company's entire ecosystem.

Understanding interconnections still relies on deep, domain-specific, professional expertise, and the process can be slow.

Investors who are late in understanding how events propagate through financial markets miss opportunities and risks.


we put you in front

kaavio's investment recommendation engine provides institutional investors with clarity and foresight as events move through the financial system.

We analyze financial, legal and business ecosystems to provide a dynamic map of event propagation through financial markets.

Our engine serves as a compliment to professional expertise, allowing you to move more quickly to seize opportunities and navigate risks — ahead of competitors.


powerful, integrated, modular tech

kaavio’s recommendation engine integrates graph technology, financial analysis and machine learning with big data and analytics for an easily-consumable, customizable product.

We incorporate large-scale computing, fundamental and statistical data and analysis, alternative data sets, and machine learning to provide a rigorous, fine-grained approach to risk and opportunity seeking.

Our approach is modular and transparent, providing confidence for end-users who value precision.

We partner with major data vendors, including Refinitiv, to supply deep, broad, accurate content.