lateral intelligence
for visionary investors


kaavio provides investors with a clear, expansive view of interconnections and their effects in the financial world.

We help you identify and understand opportunities and risks, quickly and efficiently.

We don’t replace linear analysis — we enhance conventional approaches with fast, systematic and transparent lateral intelligence.


arriving late?

Investors miss opportunities and risks by reacting slowly to events as they emanate through financial markets.  

Tracking complex interconnections to understand event propagation is challenging and labor-intensive. Existing methods, models and tools are not well-suited for this task.

We founded kaavio to provide a solution to this problem.


fast, clear, actionable signals

kaavio helps financial institutions improve performance by identifying and acting on non-obvious, relevant opportunities and risks, quickly and efficiently.

Our investment recommendation engine finds actionable signals in complex interconnections in the financial world.

You can then navigate financial markets with more speed, clarity and confidence.

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we understand financial networks

Our core team knows the ins and outs of financial interconnections.

kaavio was founded and is led by John Fleming, who has lived and worked in international markets as a fintech entrepreneur, banker and private equity investor.

kaavio's software development is led by PK Nag, who has built a career designing and developing complex, high-performance systems, including financial graphs.

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